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New York

A young researcher solves the mystery stored in an ancient text. He doesn't know someone else is after this information. The chase starts through the historic venues and streets of NYC one night.

Gio and Jamie may give us some clues about how to understand stories from other cities. Do not miss the sequel Opposites meet from NY.

Music by Joe Good.

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Duration : 06:01


  • Simon Victoria 16 November 2009

    Nice. And finally some good action. NYC is perfect for this kind of story. Did you film in NY Public library?
    Cool groovy sound!

  • Tawnya NYC 19 November 2009

    How fun – love how you worked with the locations and the sense of mystery – did you make two films from what you shot? The music is a great compliment to it.

  • andrzej http://Melbourne 21 November 2009

    Thanks, yes Simon it’s the NY public library. Don’t ask me how we made it. And yes Tawnya, we have two stories from one long night of ‘mysterious’ runs and incredible work by Daniel and Mark who together with Suzanne did the final push creating a nice small psycho drama in the early morning hours. I also like Joe’s music. I’m very curious what he’s gonna make for part II.

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